Chittagong, Bangladesh. November 2017

Report of Hernia International Mission

to Chittagong, Bangladesh

20-27 November 2017, 2017

The team consisted of the following individuals:

Dr. Petr Bystricky, General Surgeon (Czech Republic)

Dr. Stepan Matoska, General Surgeon (Czech Republic)

Dr. Paulina Mysliwy, Anesthesiologist (Poland)

Dr. Parafull Bohra, General Surgeon (U.K.)

Dr. Usha Bohra, Anesthesiologist (U.K.)

Dr. Meena Agrawl, Pediatric Surgeon (U.K.)

Dr. Scott Leckman, General Surgeon, Team Leader (U.S.A.)

We operated for eight straight days, 20-27 November, at the Nuture General Hospital. During this time, we did the following:

Total patients operated: 83

Including 15 Pediatric patients

Total procedures on 83 patients: 94

Special thanks goes to Nasreen Baqui and her team of volunteers. The hospitality shown to us was extraordinary. Contributing greatly to the mission were the many volunteers including Bangladeshi medical students and residents.

The vast majority of cases were inguinal or inguinal-scrotal hernias, unilateral or bilateral. In addition to these, there were hydroceles, lipomas, umbilical hernias, an epididymal cyst, inclusion cyst of the scalp and one of the scrotum and an abscess of the scrotum. After three weeks, complications noted were three cases of post-operative urinary retention requiring catheterization after bilateral hernia repairs and one case of a deep surgical site infection treated non-operatively.

Scott A. Leckman, MD, FACS