Beast of burden
Beast of burden
Behind the red line
Behind the red line
Big hernia1
Big hernia2
Big hernia1
Big hernia2
Big hernia 3
Bus, Abidjan
Bus, Abidjan
Camels on the Mongolian steppe
Camels, India
Careful work
Combing for cashmere
Countryside, Moldova
Crossing the Black Volta
Crossing the road, La Concordia, Ecuador
Cutting the mesh
Examining for hernia
Father & Patient
Favella, Rio de Janiero
Finger print consent
Fishing boat
Four tables, India
Hebron hospital, Phnom Penh
Herdboy, Mongolia
Herdsman, Mongolia
Hernia class
Hernia instrument set
Basic anaesthetic equipment
Home, Indian tribal village
Hospitality on the steppes
Hot work
Huts, Carpenter
Instrument pack, Peru
Large infant hernia
Life on the steppe
Local anaesthetic
Mentoring, Peru
Mentoring 2
Mentoring 4
Miraflores, Lima
Net, gowns & drapes
New surgical instruments
Night surgery
North Lima shanty towns
Ploughing in India
Child pre-op
Recovering infant
Recovery, Soroca Moldova
On the way to recovery
Recovery in Lima, Peru
Refreshments on the steppe
Returning home
Roadside trader, Nigeria
Roadside dwelling, India
Spent bottles
Spinal anaesthesia
Steam sterilisation, Moldova
Sterilisers, Nigeria
Street seller, Mongolia
Street seller, Farafenni, Gambia
Street seller Farafenni, Gambia
Suppliers for a mission
Supply chaos Gambia
Surgical ward, Ivory Coast
Teaching 1
Teaching 2
Teaching 3
Teaching 4
Teaching 5
Patients before surgery in Phnom Penh
The scrub
Theatre nurses
Three generations, Mongolia
Thumbs up
Together we can do it
Tribal children, India
Two tables operating simultaneously, Okpoga Nigeria
Two year old with hernia
Video teaching, Peru
Village compound
Village hut
Village life
Waiting in line
With the local kids
Worshop in Mikulov, Ukraine
Yam preparation
Yams for sale
Tenchiman market 1
Tenchiman market 2
Tenchiman market 3
Tenchiman market 4
Tenchiman market 5
Tenchiman market 6
Tenchiman market 7