Mongolia. September 2016

Mission report

Mongolia- Dalanzadgad, Ulan Bator 2016

Mongolia is amazing country bordered by China and Russia with a population of just over 3 million people. The local surgeons where graceful in having the combined Australian/UK team back in 2016 following an amazing mission in 2015 that further enhanced the collegial relationship that is longstanding between Hernia International and Mongolia.


The team travelled the first week of the mission from the capital of Ulan Bator and made the journey to Dalanzadgad, the capital of the Omnogovi Aimag. Dalanzadgad was where the team examined and operated on over 40 patients with the case mix ranging from paediatric herniotomies through to complex incisional hernia repairs. The team enjoyed the local hospitality in the evenings and were treated to various displays of the stunning local culture and food.

Team Members: Trent Cross (Team leader), Shambhu Yadav, Rob Bohmer, John Copp, Vesselin Petrov, Prafull Bohra, Usha Bohra

The second week at the Second general hospital in Ulan Bator was a return to our familiar surrounds and to old friends. The local surgeons are a well trained and enthusiastic team and this year a wide variety of case mix allowed building on the hernia techniques training of previous missions. This year some 20 large complex cases where undertaken demonstrating component separation, advanced laparoscopic repairs of TEPP and Hiatal hernia repair.

The whole mission was coordinated by Enkhee, who not only organised all logistics support but also went above and beyond to take care of the whole team. Once again thank- you Enkhee.

Hernia International is looking forward to 2017 and the continued relationship with Mongolia.     

Trent Cross Oct 2016

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