Brazil. August 2016

 The 4th hernia mission  in Brazil, conducted in partnership between International Hernia ONG and Brazilian Hernia Society,  occurred in the state of Mato Grosso between 22 and 28 August. Surgeries were performed in 3 hospitals in the city of Campo Grande beyond the city of Bonito.

There were involved 8 Brazilian surgeons and 5 surgeons from different parts of the world. In total, 78 surgeries were performed. Different from what happened in previous years when a larger number of patients were operated (less complex cases), this year the surgeries were mostly complex cases. During the mission, a regional meeting was also organized where the main advances in the treatment of abdominal wall hernias could be discussed.  “The feeling is that we could benefit even more patients” says Artur Seabra, brazilian surgeon  “It was a unique, indescribable experience. Make new friends, share experiences, help people. This was one of the best professional weeks of my life.” says Marcio Eduardo, local team leader.