Lima, Peru. June 2015

Hernia International mission trip to Lima, Peru June 2015

Team members: Dr Arun Baskara, Dr Laurence Turner, Dr Leo Mitteregger, Dr Paul Edwards, Dr Kathryn Rock.

This is my second trip to Lima Peru for “Hernia International”. The experience from my last trip was spotless and that made me to request Professor Kingsnorth to include me in the mission for June 2015. I am very thankful to him for allowing me to participate in the trip. I wouldn’t mind going again and again on this trip for the humbling experience a Surgeon can ask for is immense. .

I reached Lima on June 14 2015 and was received for a lunch by Dr Jaime Herrra, his wife and his two daughters. During my last visit, I was moved by their hospitality and there was nothing short of their usual love and affection during this visit as well.

We were a team of four surgeons and one medical school graduate. We all were from different countries with different cultural background and to work as a team was phenomenal. Our accommodation was excellent and food was great.

We received warm welcome at the Puente Piedra Hospital by the president and the Chief of Surgery on June 15 2015. Our day started with 20 patients on the to do list. It was an accustomed atmosphere for me and it was nostalgic when I started. The day went by quick and we had immense sense of satisfaction when we accomplished the goal for the day. Evenings, we all had our own agenda and spent time in nice restaurants or long walk or staying at the room.


We worked as a team and were able to do close to 148 hernia repairs in 10 days time. Some were complex hernia repairs and challenging. The anesthesia and OR staff were very supportive and again their love and affection was commendable. The trainee surgeons were helpful in writing post op notes and orders. The chief of the hospital Dr Miguel was very helpful in achieving our mission. Our mission ended on June 26 2015. It was quite a journey and there is no doubt I will do it forever.

 Arun Baskara, Team Leader

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