Korogwe, Tanzania. February 2019


23 February-3 March 2019

   Leader team: Eduardo Perea

General surgeons: Manuel Bustos Jiménez , Eduardo Perea del Pozo, Abdul Razak Munchef , Ana Sennet Boza (R5).

Anesthetists: Inmaculada Benítez Linero, Guiomar Fernández Castellano.

Nurses: María del Mar Martínez Gómez, Inés Sánchez Rey

We have found a center very different from last year and in my personal experience also different from the previous campaigns. We have worked in the two centers where Sister Avelina works, being very well received and welcomed at all times.

– We have been quoted by 20 children who have not operated because they do not have anesthetic tools or a pediatric surgeon to ensure an experienced technique.
– The operated goiters (5) have gone without complications and we have all been able to perform a hemithyroidectomy to avoid substitution treatment.

– the major pathology is the hydrocele with a lower percentage of hernias
– Sister Avelina operates daily in the center, therefore the patients recruited were less and with less advanced pathology (large number of hernias M1 and L1 of the class EHS)
– The hospital consists of operating room infirmary, therefore with a nurse who came with us it would have been enough.

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On the other hand, the group has worked at the rate you already know, operating 8 to 14 patients a day with a hematoma as the only complication. We have learned from previous campaigns and I believe that having experienced staff has avoided problems and we have improved over last year. It is not up to me to assess my work as the leader of this mission, but the performance of the group in general has been outstanding.

The economic  effort has been somewhat higher, the lodging was not included as in Benin, the tickets and transportation has been more expensive and we have not been able to count on the help of Surgeons in Action or other external aid.

Another issue, however minor, has been media coverage. The mission has been supported by the Virgen del Rocío Hospital and the activity has been published on the networks of the same and those of the Association through Bea with whom he spoke daily.

We have many things to improve, Teresa and Andrew, but overall we are very happy with the people we have been able to help. Hopefully we can see each other soon, meet and prepare new projects together as well as outline the mission of the coming year.

Thanks for the opportunity to collaborate with you. Thanks to you.