2014 missions

(underlined Reports are linked to Full Report)

  1. January UK Team to Kivunge, Zanzibar
  2. February Swiss Team to Okpoga, Nigeria
  3. February UK Team to Aliade, Nigeria
  4. March UK Team to Bewal, Pakistan
  5. May Swiss Team to Okpoga, Nigeria
  6. May 12-19 UK-US Team to Tanzania
  7. June UK-US-Spanish Team to Lima, Peru
  8. June Spanish-Swedish Team to Mongolia
  9. June UK-USA Team to Eruwa, Nigeria
  10. July UK-Australia Team to Cambodia
  11. August UK-US-Aus Team to Brazil
  12. August US Team to Romania
  13. September UK-US-Czech Team to Ecuador
  14. October Spanish Team to Tanzania
  15. October Swiss Team to Okpoga, Nigeria. CANCELLED (Ebola)
  16. November UK Team to St Vincents, Nigeria. CANCELLED (Ebola)
  17. November UK Team to Carpenter, Ghana. CANCELLED (Ebola)
  18. November Australian Team to Rairangpur, India
  19. November Swiss Team to Okpoga. CANCELLED (Ebola)