Promoting men's health. Providing affordable access to effective hernia surgery. Humanitarian missions.  

Hernia International is the UK's premier Hernia charity.

Our Director is Professor Andrew Kingsnorth FRCS (click here to send me an e-mail). We address the global healthcare problem of hernia by delivering humanitarian hernia surgery. (see Breaking News) During a lifetime 1-in-4 men suffer a groin hernia.  Due to lack of healthcare in low- and middle-income countries, hernias do not get treated . In subSaharan Africa alone there are an estimated 6.3 million untreated inguinal hernias. Our teams provide surgery and anaesthesia, capacity building and training. Hernia International serves countries in the following locations: Ghana (at Carpenter), Nigeria (Eruwa, Okpoga), Cote d'Ivoire (Abidjan), The Gambia (Farafenni), Ethiopia (Sodo), Uganda (Luwero) Tanzania (Korogwe), Kenya (Gatundu), Mongolia (Ulaan Baatar and beyond), Ecuador (Esmeraldes), Peru (Lima, Chachapoyes ), Brazil (Maranhao, Amazonas), India (Shehada, Dondaicha, Orissa), Cambodia (Phnom Phen) and Pakistan (Bewal). 

Day in the Life of Fish

The daily life of a surgeon in subSaharan Africa is unimaginable to the comfortable European doctor. The pressures that doctors experience are intense. We must admire their dedication. Dr Yoseph Fisshatsion (Fish), our contact in Sodo University Hospital in the south of Ethiopia, has described a typical Day in his Life as a surgeon in Sodo.


"Surgery is one fascinating gift of the medical world. It gets very interesting when you work in my hospital. Wake up early morning, attend morning meeting, make quick ward-round, run to the Operating Room, start operating cases after cases and operating from Head to Toe. My operating field ranges from trauma to various forms of malignancies. Sometimes operating from early morning to late midnight.  Also, I attend seminar sessions and give lecture for medical students.


There are three surgeons at my hospital. Two of us are on call and I am on call for 15 days each month and I work 5 days each week. I am also head of the surgical department and coordinator of the postgraduate teaching program. I attend the referral clinic four days each week and I see around 25 to 30 patients every clinic, excluding consultations from my general practitioners and interns. As a whole more than 70 patients are seen each day at our regular and referral clinics.

We train surgical residents, Emergency Health Officers, medical students and interns . I operate on goitre of different sizes, mastectomies (MRM), herniorraphies, orthopaedic trauma and musculoskeletal tumours, burrholes and DSF elevations for head injuries, appendectomies, resection and anastomosis, colostomies, splenectomies, excision of abdominal mass. Since we do have four gynaeobstetricians we don`t operate on obstetric and gynae cases". 

Hernia International is a 100% volunteer organisation. Andrew Kingsnorth  brings experience of over 17 years humanitarian work in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, South America, SE Asia and India, including the establishment 10 years ago of Operation Hernia.