Great times with the Brazilian Hernia Society

The fifth mission of Hernia International to Brazil

The missionwas carried out in collaboration with the Brazilian Hernia Society from July 23-29th, 2017.  The regional focus of this mission was the state of Rio de Janeiro and was based out of the city of Rio de Janeiro as well.  This included a one day conference on July 27th, bringing together faculty from the mission and healthcare providers from around the country.  The team of 12 surgeons was lead by Dr Christiano Claus, along with local coordinators Heitor Santos, Luciana Guimaraes, and Marcio Cavaliere.  The group also included myself and Arunkumar Baskara from the US.  We repaired 125 hernias in over 100 patients at six different hospitals across the state, including: Laurenco Jorge Municipal Hospital, Iraja Hospital, Gaffre Guinle University Hospital, and Ipanema Hospital in Rio de Janeiro; Japuiba State Hospital in Angra dos Reis; and State Hospital Adao Periera Nunes in Saracuruna.  The operations were aided by local volunteer surgical scrub techs and nurses, some of whom traveled with us from surrounding areas, as well as the residents from the local hospitals.  Anesthesia coverage was provided by the hospitals.  Traveling to the hospitals outside of the city provided a brief glimpse of the beauty of the state, as if the city doesn't offer enough!  Of course, there were plenty of social opportunities to get to know each other, including an awe-inspiring dinner at a famous Churrascaria in Rio de Janeiro.

Heidi Miller, MD MPH