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Campaign for Hernia Surgery, Ventanilla 2017


On July 29 2017 we eight volunteers started from Madrid, Brisbane, Cardiff and Mexico for Lima to carry out a Humanitarian Surgical Hernia Mission in the Ventanilla Hospital. This Campaign was undertaken by the Foundations “Cirujanos en Acción”, and Hernia International.



The Mission took place from July 31st to August 10th in the Hospital General of Ventanilla district. It is a Level II Hospital inaugurated in 2007 which has 100 beds and 5 operation theaters. It has 14 surgeons, 6 anaesthetists and 17 professional nurses. The Surgery Department carries out conventional surgery, abdominal wall laparoscopic surgery, biliar surgery and rectal surgery among others.

The Ventanilla District belongs to the El Callao Province and it is a densely populated community with about 375000 inhabitants, situated at two hours from Lima. The Ventanilla population is mainly poor, and part of the people live in settlements in the nearby hills with any number of huts and heavy environmental pollution owing perhaps to an excessive growing rhythm that has exceeded the capacity of the local resources. The “Ventanilla” name (small window) comes from innumerable caves and passages that looked like small windows from the sea and which pirates used to hide in them the treasures stolen from the forts and ships they attacked.