Avelina welcomes another Team.



Our team was composed of Petr Bystricky (a Czech consultant surgeon), Heura Llaquet (a Spanish consultant surgeon) and Andrea Campos (a Spanish trainee surgeon).


We were in Korogwe for one week during the month of May 2016. We arrived on Sunday and the hospital arranged a car to pick us up at the Dar Es Salaam airport. It was a five hours tour to Korogwe. Our accommodation in Korogwe was a very nice motel called White Parrot where we had single rooms with hot water and air conditioning. Breakfast was included and the price for night was 40000 TZS (equivalent to 16 euros). We had also dinner at the restaurant of the motel (15000-20000 TZS or 6-8 euros). Each day the hospital provided us with a delicious homemade lunch. Every day, we were transported between the motel and the hospital with the official car of the hospital, accompanied by Awami, the secretary of the hospital. The last day we were also driven back to the airport by the hospital car and we were asked to reimburse the (modest) cost of the car trips. 


On Sunday, we visited the hospital where we met Sister Avelina Temba, the director and only general surgeon of the hospital. On Sunday and every day we explored the new patients we were going to operate the next day and decided the type of anaesthesia (local, spinal or general). We had 3 operation rooms available with good lighting, electrocoagulation device and air conditioning. We worked with 3 anaesthetists and 6 nurses from the hospital, who made big efforts to achieve the best outcomes every day. There were also 3 local doctors (general practitioners) that helped us and learned with us. One of them, Dr Minja, was trained in hernia repair and did 2 hernioplasties under supervision.


From Monday to Friday, we performed 63 procedures in 58 patients (44 adults and 14 children). There were 16 females and 42 males. The mean age in children was 8 years and in adults 54 years. The oldest was 99 years old. We performed 25 procedures under local anaesthesia, 19 under spinal and 19 under general anaesthesia. The procedures in children included 5 inguinal herniorraphies, 8 umbilical herniorraphies and 3 orchidopexies. In adults, we performed 32 inguinal hernioplasties, 5 umbilical and 6 epigastric hernioplasties, 2 hydrocelectomies, 1 incisional hernia repair and 1 orquidopexia. Most of the adult hernias were large inguinoscrotal hernias and we used mosquit hernia meshes in almost all cases.


Sister Avelina Temba is an amazing woman and surgeon, professional and nice. She runs the whole hospital perfectly. She was very kind with us, arranged all the administrative issues, selected most of the patients and organized the whole mission. We felt very integrated and nicely treated by her and the rest of the staff. We highly recommend this experience!

                                                                                                  Petr, Andrea & Heura