Second Team in Orissa

Hernia International Mission Report– Rairangpur November 2014


Namaste! A wise man called Gandhi once said, the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. It was with extreme privilege and excitement that the 5 of us – Trent Cross, Shambu Yadav, Jurij Gorjanc, Lorenzo Dimpel and myself Yvonne Ng embarked on a trip to Rairangpur for a one week hernia camp filled with life stories, laughter, masala dosas, kingfishers, thumbs-­up, goodday biscuits, and of course  hernia surgeries under the Hernia International umbrella.


A simple yet meaningful local welcome ceremony was organized on the first day to mark the start of the camp. After a quick tour of the operating area, we got down to work at the soonest opportunity. A Team of big-­hearted local doctors and associates led by Dr Mohanty had advertised the camp via radio and screened the patients beforehand.


It was not long before the ubiquitous sound of diathermy was in the air and Trent, Shambu, Jurij and Lorenzo were all in their elements either administering anesthesia or operating. A total of 71 hernia operations were performed on 64 patients during our 5day stint at the local hospital. Every moment was an amazing sight to witness as everyone worked in synchrony for the good of our patients and it was then that it dawned on me how so much could be accomplished with so little so long as hearts were willing.


On a personal note, this mission was definitely the highlight and a sweet end to this year. I could not be more grateful to Prof Kingsnorth for allowing me, a random surgical trainee who emailed him out of nowhere to be a part of this awesome Rairangpur experience. And to Trent, Shambu, Jurij, and Lorenzo, thank you for teaching me everything you knew on Lichtenstein repairs and for all the words of wisdom that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my training. Apart from definitely improving my hernia operative skills by like a thousand percent, I will never forget this November in my life where I met four delightful individuals and sat with them in a small darkened room that called itself the BAR in the backyard of a hotel with a frenchsounding name in a rural village in India. Till we meet again!

Yvonne Ng