Application process and Forms for Volunteers

Dear Hernia International Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in Hernia International. Our charity relies entirely on volunteers to give their time and expertise to treat and teach Hernia surgery in low and middle income countries. Please be aware that volunteers pay for their own travel and low-cost accommodation when in the host country, which amounts to about £600-£800 depending on the location of the mission.  Please also read the following additional information:

Essential Information for Volunteer

Responsibilities of Volunteer

Tarpley, 2007

 Meier, 2010

Visit the website at the page "Upcoming Missions 2015" and after deciding which mission(s) may fit into your schedule, please inform me and send to me by e-mail the following: 

Brief CV with Hernia & Volunteer experience (if any)

Personal Information of Volunteer                                                         

Upon receipt of your completed application, the information that you have provided will be entered into the Hernia International Volunteer database, and you will receive our regular Newsletters.

I look forward to hearing from you, in due course. If you have any questions, please contact me at the e-mail address below.

Yours sincerely


Professor Andrew Kingsnorth FRCS  ( 

Director (click here to send me an e-mail)