Scott Leckman leads team to Santo Domingo hospital

Report of Hernia International Mission to Santo Domingo, Ecuador

September, 2014 

The team consisted of the following individuals:

Scott Leckman, general surgeon (USA)

Petr Bystricky, general surgeon (Czech Republic) 

Simon Clarke, pediatric surgeon (United Kingdom)

Romany Mark Bruce, photographer (United Kingdom)

Rocio Santos Rancaño, Chief surgery resident (Spain)

Paulina Mysliwy, anesthesiologist (Poland)

Alejandro Unda freire, pediatric surgeon (Spain)

Carmen Palomo, Family and Community medicine resident 


Most of the team spent a week or so before or after the mission to do sightseeing. We came together in Quito the morning of Sunday, September 14, 2014. We drove three hours to Santo Domingo, where there are two public hospitals. Upon arrival, we saw 80 patients for evaluation for operation. This was done at the Hospital Santo Domingo where the operating rooms were closed for remodeling. We operated Monday through Saturday at the Hospital Dr. Gustavo Dominguez. The staff we operated with was from Hospital Santo Domingo. They applied to work with us and were not paid any extra despite the long hours. We were given use of one operating room in which we put two beds.


During the six days of operating, we did over 100 procedures on 88 patients. These included:

Ventral (epigastric) hernia repair-9 (one incarcerated requiring partial omentectomy), 4 female, 5 male

Umbilical hernia repair-25 (4 incarcerated) 10 female, 15 male

Adult Inguinal hernia repair- 39 (22 right, 17 left) 6 female, 33 male (H1-22, H2-10, H3-1, H4-8)

Adult Femoral hernia repair-3 (2 right, 1 left) 2 female, 1 male

Pediatric Inguinal hernia repair- 6 (4 right, 2 left) 5 female, 1 male

Hydocelectomy- 1

Incisional hernia repair- 7 (5 female, 2 male)

Pediatric orchiopexy- 2

Pediatric frenulotomy-1

Adult lipoma excision- 2

Excision of nevus of face-1

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy- 1

Excision of accessory digits- 4

There were no complications during the mission. No reports of infections after two weeks.

Special thanks go to Kathia Tinizaray Mera for making all the arrangements for the operating room, staff and screening of patients. We are grateful to Kathia and to Sandra Ocampo for taking care of us while we were there, and to Teresa Butrón, who also help with pre-mission planning.

Submitted by,

Scott A. Leckman, MD, FACS