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Hernia International is the UK's premier Hernia charity.

Our Director is Professor Andrew Kingsnorth FRCS (click here to send me an e-mail). We address the global healthcare problem of hernia by delivering modern techniques of hernia surgery in low-income countries. (click here: 23 countries Where we Work)


Dr Peter George (Chief Medical Officer and Surgeon-in-Chief) and Emmanuel Johnson (Operating Theatre supervisor and nurse anaesthetist) have supervised the Hernia International programme at E & J Medical Hospital, Ganta, Liberia.

When I was appointed to E & J Hospital, Ganta City, Nimba County  in June 2016, hernia cases were very frequent. In the Operating Theatre log-book about 75% of surgical emergency were incarcerated or strangulated hernias. However, due to prompt intervention by the surgical team, the mortality rate was very low. Over the last 30 years the government healthcare system in Liberia has been neglected and poverty has increased. Common procedures such as hernia repair have become unaffordable and there is a lack of trained specialist surgeons in the rural areas, with the result that 45% of operated hernia patients were developing recurrent hernias because most procedures were perform by General Practitioners.

Since Hernia International missions started in 2017, the number of strangulated hernia cases have been drastically reduced, but we still have more patients requiring hernia operations in Nimba County, which will keep Hernia International busy for the next five years.

Since July 2017 Hernia International teams have visited our hospital and trained me and my team not only in modern hernia surgery but also in proper sterility procedures and modern anaesthetic techniques for my nurse practitioner. A total of  288 hernia patients have been operated in 2 missions,m and reports are awaited from the November team from Slovenia.

Hernia international is the first international humanitarian medical organization to have visited E&J  hospital, therefore the management of Esther & Jereline Medical Center offers grateful thanks to Hernia International for their initiative and effort in supporting the hospital.

Hernia international is always welcome to Esther & Jereline Medical Center.

Dr. Peter M. George (MBChB/MD,MPH,FFM, Certified Board OB/GYN)

Chief Medical Officer

E &J Medical and Surgical Center

Hernia International is a 100% volunteer organisation. Andrew Kingsnorth  brings experience of over 17 years humanitarian work in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, South America, SE Asia and India, including the establishment 10 years ago of Operation Hernia.